How to take the test sample?

Taking and preparing samples for the tests

Any person planning to perform medical tests should be properly prepared. First of all, it is worth checking the basic information that will help you properly collect the sample and send it to the laboratory. There is no unequivocal answer to the question of how to take material for diagnostic studies. All this depends largely on its type. Below are instructional videos that will accurately illustrate to you, step by step, what the correct process looks like in individual cases. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Wymaz z szyjki macicy
dotyczy badań: WES, HPV, Kandydozy

NOTE:: 2 days before downloading the material, sexual intercourse is not recommended.
One of the common methods used among women to diagnose gynecological diseases is a cervical smear, also called cytology. It allows you to carefully check the structural regularities of the cells lining it in order to detect possible precancerous conditions. It is a completely safe and at the same time convenient way without the risk of side effects. If you are wondering how to take a cervical swab, it is worth using the following instruction:

1. Unpack the brush, leaving the package;
2. Remove the cap, being careful not to touch the sterile part;
3. Place the brush gently in the vagina;
4. Press the plunger, then turn it five times;
5. Remove the brush;
6. Pull the plunger, which will cause the fibers to hide inside the tube;
7. Attach the cap and then place it in the original packaging;


NOTE Do not lubricate the tick with any substances, as this may lead to the release of toxins.

In the case of a tick bite, it is worth performing specialized tests for pathogens that will help detect the risk of infection with dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease or tick-borne encephalitis. For this purpose, the Real-Time-PCR method is used. Once the samples have been delivered, the analysis usually takes about 10 working days. The result will allow to determine further treatment and choose the appropriate therapeutic path.
1. The tick should be removed with tweezers or ready-made pharmacy kits;
2. When holding the tick with tweezers, make a firm, simple hand movement, avoiding turning the tool, as this may cause incorrect removal of the arachnid;
3. Then you need to put the tick in the attached tube;

Cheek swab

NOTE 30 minutes before collection, do not eat any food, drink or smoke cigarettes. Care should be taken not to touch any other part of the body with the swab, as this may adversely affect the result of the test.

Many people still have no idea how to take a cheek swab. In this case, the correctness of genetic tests depends largely on the quantity and quality of DNA in the material. For this reason, special care should be taken to do this strictly according to the instructions, and at the same time follow all recommendations regarding the procedure before the tests and the storage of the sample itself. During the activities related to taking a cheek swab, it is important to protect your hands with latex gloves.

1. Delikatnie rozpakuj wymazówkę;
2. Umieść ją w jamie ustnej, następnie pocieraj każdą ze stron przez 15 sekund;
3. Włóż wymazówkę do opakowania;


NOTE 30 minutes before collection, do not eat any food, drink or smoke cigarettes. Care should also be taken not to touch any other part of the body with the swab, as this may negatively affect the result of the test.
Saliva collection is a simple and completely non-invasive way to collect good quality diagnostic material that can be used in most genetic analyses 1. The process of taking the right amount of saliva can take 2 to 5 minutes;
2. Open the tube supplied in the kit;
3. Spit into the tube several times until it is filled to the appropriate level;
4. When closing the package, be careful not to touch the lid from the inside with your fingers;


First of all, it is important to keep the current diet, but at the same time limit stimulants a few days earlier. If you are wondering how to take blood for testing, it is worth knowing that all procedures are performed by qualified nurses. The blood should be collected at the nearest collection point in the tube supplied with the kit. It is necessary to be on an empty stomach and drink a glass of mineral water in the morning, and at the same time avoid physical exertion.

Swab from throat and tooth pockets

If you are looking for an effective way to detect pathogens that cause upper respiratory tract or gum infections, it is best to perform a throat swab and dental pockets. Such tests should be carried out in laboratory conditions. For this purpose, with the help of appropriate tools, a fragment of material is taken, which will allow to recognize pathogenic agents. Samples for testing are prepared by a doctor or dentist using the provided collection kit.

How to send a sample for testing?

In the correct diagnosis of molecular tests, it is certainly important to properly secure and send samples for testing. First of all, it should be remembered that these are potentially dangerous materials, as they may contain pathogenic microorganisms harmful to both humans and animals. For this reason, the whole process should be carried out according to the following recommendations:

Pack the sample in a set box

Fill out and put in the box the referral for the examination

Secure the box with seals

Place the box in a return envelope

Order a courier and send the parcel